Karen Ovington's

Owner retail studio 1973
  • Kilnwork  1990
  • Flame work  1994
Workshops and Seminars
  • Kevin Eagleton      Kilnworked Glass
  • Larry Fieldler         Pate de Verre
  • Dan Fenton           Kilnwork
  • Gil Reynolds          Kilnwork
  • Dorothy Maddy      Glass Painting
  • Dudley Giberson    Ancient Techniques
  • Cindy Jenkins        Lampworking

  • Selected Group Shows
  • "Beads on Target" Friends of the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA
  • "Outgrowth of the Glass Bead" Suburban Fine Arts, Highland Pk IL
  • "Gleaming Treasures" Embellishment, Houston TX.(award received)
  • "Beyond Boundaries" Contemporary Glass Bead makers" Worcester Center for
    Crafts, Worcester, MA
  • "Jewelry Showcase N.W." Barrett Gallery , Portsmouth, NH
  • "The Best of the of the New" Embellishment  Invitational, Austin, TX
  • "The Big Bead Show" Facere Jewelry Art, Seattle WA
  • "Contemporary Art Glass Jewelry and Bead Show" Rockwell Museum, Corning, NY
  • "Scintillo 1998" Beadworks, Boston MA
  • "Fibers and Fantasy" Corning, NY
  • "Crash of Metal and Glass" Museum of Anthropology, Albuquerque, NM
  • "Bullseye Connection" Bead Contest (award received)
  • "Reflections" Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ
  • "Designer Showcase" Mind's gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
  • "The Beautiful Bead" Symmetry Gallery, Saratoga NY
  • "American Craft Museum" Bead Show NY
  • "Making Glass Beads" by Cindy Jenkins
  • "Beads, an Exploration of Bead Traditions" by Janet Coles and Robert Budwig
  • Jewelry Crafts magazine, December 1998 issue
  • AJM, September 1999 issue
  • Lapidary Journal magazine, March 2000
  • "More than You Ever Wanted to Know About Making Glass Beads" by James Kervin
  • "Made In Illinois" (the publication) ILL. Department of Commerce
  • Bead and Button magazine, February 2001 issue
  • AJM, April 2001 issue
  • "The Art and Elegance of Bead-weaving" by Carol Wilcox Wells
  • "Contemporary Lampworking" by Bandhu Scott Dunham
  • "Contemporary Lampworking" Volume 11 by Bandhu Scott Dunham
  • "Beads of Glass" by Cindy Jenkins
  • Ornament magazine, Winter of 2002-2003
  • "Bead Crochet Basics" by Mary Libby Neiman, 2004
  • "1000 Glass Beads" by Lark Books, Fall of 2004
  • "500 Beaded  Objects" Lark Books, Fall of 2005